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*57* Must Use Marketing Words in Every Piece of Marketing You Do for Your Business

"The *57* words in this book along with John Di Lemme's Closing and Marketing strategies have radically changed my life and exploded my results in business. I now confidently market my business without wasting money on useless ads or marketing that simply doesn't work. My business has quadrupled! Thanks John for these *57* Must Use Words...they really work!"

Dr. Christa Krzeminski, Chiropractor & Holistic Healthcare

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"The 57 Must Use Words Marketing book is the best book that I've ever read. I started highlighting just the key points only to look down and see that the whole page was bright yellow. Everything in this book is key to my success! These words will easily generate millions of dollars in my business and any business. Everyone can discover the truth about marketing from this book and explode their business. I am convinced that John Di Lemme is the foremost expert in Closing and Marketing."

Mark Smith, Construction Company Owner, Florida

"I have gleaned so much wisdom from John Di Lemme’s proven, millionaire business strategies. I am growing emotionally stronger plus my business has grown by 2000% and my income has increased 500%! "

Hallie Minich, Direct Sales, Ohio

"John's skills as a coach have empowered me to be bold, direct, and laser-focused on opening relationships to close more business. His closing strategies and daily affirmations took me from filing bankruptcy to building a million dollar company. Thank you Coach for providing outstanding wisdom, sharing your enthusiasm, and continuing to set the bar higher and higher!"

Dorcie Farkash, Millionaire CEO, Texas

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